World’s largest Projection Mapping & iPhone controlled games

The automotive industry is emerging as one of the biggest spenders when it comes to digital and brands are trying hard to gain attention & engage potential customers. Following brands have recently spent huge amounts to involve people at a large scale with some serious creative work. Looks like the large scale installations have improved from the first time we saw just brands controlling the projections, however now, they have become much more interactive and have  people engaging with it using iPhone apps or installations at the venue.

Chevy Sonic 3D Projection Mapping Claw game

A 3D Projection Mapping Claw Game done at Roosevelt Hotel, LA, California has not just succeeded in engaging hundreds of people but also made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest claw game ever!

The makers of this game were influenced by the popular claw game at casinos. The installation required the players to use a foot-pedal and gear-knob to control the claw in real time. It is one of the most advanced projection mapping I have seen lately. Players have to pick up the Chevy Sonic to win the car. People who pick up the gift boxes instead of the car win some cool prize other than the car of course. I wonder if any of these other prizes involved a track day or a visit to the factory to see how the car is made, basically a prize that engages the users to find out more about the car effortlessly and makes it easier for them to take decision to buy the car. Financial prizes involving price – off, reduced interest rates etc. will certainly help to gain customers.

I really liked the gear shift joystick! Looked super cool. Plus they had a car at the installation with an iPad stand to find out about the specifications, features, pricing options etc.

Hyundai: Times Square Billboard Racing Game

Another attempt at a World’s largest but a different category than a claw game, an iPhone controlled game. Hyundai set-up a huge iPhone controlled game at buzzing Times Square, New York on a huge billboard. What I liked about this particular activity was that it involved the users to register and download an app to play the game. Hyundai provided Wi-fi at Times Square to connect users to play the game. This is a great opportunity to capture data of the people playing the game and use it for follow-ups later on.

The game promoted Hyundai hatchback Veloster. Players controlled it using the iPhone, by tilting to right and left and controlling the accelerator via the app. After the race the player’s score appear on the billboard against other racers. A good way to engage a group of friends trying to beat others scores.

What I really liked about Hyundai’s iPhone game is that the users leave with the Hyundai app on their phone which can be used to push content at a later stage and connect with the players after the game.

However, one thing common with these activities with Chevy and Hyundai is that their social networks like Facebook and Twitter could have done a better job. For example, if they captured the users Facebook/Twitter data to post activities on their profile page while playing online, it would have reached more people and directed the people online to the respective models’ website pages or related social media activities online.


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