Augmented Reality Red Cups by Starbucks

Watch the video first please!!


How cute?! A die-hard Starbucks fan like me and a die-hard AR fan like me can definitely not wait till 15th November. Merry Merry Appy Xmas 😉

Starbucks are going mainstream with their soon-to-be launched Augmented Reality application for Red Cups which are sold every Xmas. The application will be available on Apple and Android marketplace and has the following features:-

1. Experience – Makes the characters alive and upon tapping shows a cute Xmas animation and share them with your friends via email or post it on Facebook.

2. Character Gallery – It shows a gallery of the characters collected.

3. Send eGift – Apparently users can send gifts via the app

4. Holiday offers – Find out and make the most of Xmas offers at Starbucks.

Hoping to see some decent results and more AR campaigns by other brands.Appy Xmas from Starbucks! Woo hoo!


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