My Starbucks Rewards: Interactive Window

Starbucks have put up a series of interactive window displays at selected stores in Toronto and Vancouver. The installation reveals deals and rewards of the new My Starbucks Rewards program. Upon interacting with the yellow stars a blurb shows a deal or reward. It is an expensive way of attracting potential customers and communicating about the rewards program.

Starbucks could have added a bit more functionality to it in the social media age and made it more interesting for not just loyal Starbucks fans looking for some fun interactions with the brand but also for potential customers by giving them a strong reason to sign up for the Rewards program. The messages don’t even leave a customer with a URL for a Facebook page or website and sends the user either in store or to Google or company website. Giving a bonus of $10 on the card for first 100 users to sign up right there and then would have definitely given an incentive to users to act upon the message after interaction. After all so much time and money was invested in it, why not make it even easier and fun for customers to get more out of touching a screen. I bet $1,000 doesn’t do any harm to a company like Starbucks!


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