Facebook Timeline Designs

Timeline, a major Facebook profiles re-design is set to launch for all Facebook users in a few weeks. I watched the f8 conference live from Delhi; thanks to the Livestream app on Facebook’s page (Apps like Livestream are so useful for such stuff). Mark Zuckerberg gave an interesting presentation on Timeline and totally sold the features so well! I was so excited to find out more about the new features before the launch. In fact the very next day Facebook allowed thrilled & interested users like me to sign-up as a developer and start using the Timeline feature.

All my friends (who work at digital agencies) and I were the very first ones among my group of friends to use the feature. You can find out more about getting access to Timeline before the official launch here.

I’m already enjoying the new feature a lot and can’t wait to come up with cool designs to show off my Cover Photo on the Timeline. More than that I am looking forward to see what my designer friends come up with and the reactions of my friends when they use it for the first time. So far I have had time to come up with just one silly Cover Photo, coming from my love for QR codes.  Scan the code below to see what I’ve on my Facebook Timeline profile, nothing special really, but if you are geeky enough, go ahead! As a digital marketing consultant, I am pretty curious to know about brand pages on Facebook and what will happen to the top Facebook brand pages of Starbucks, Coca-Cola and all if this Timeline feature is applied to them as well. I wonder what will happen to the tabs since all brands with Facebook pages have invested heavily in creating their tabs. There is enough speculation going around about whether the brands will take this feature or not. It will certainly become difficult to engage with your audience but it will add a bit of creativity and fun to it.

Check out some more ways of using Facebook Timeline creatively and also what brand pages will look like using the Timeline feature. Which one do you like the best? I really like Burberry and Big Spaceship. Pretty sure that the colourful backgrounds in a few of them are not really possible, but hey doesn’t look bad!

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