Review on ‘Anything4Jetta’ Volkswagen India campaign

The #anything4jetta challenge by Volkswagen(VW) India to launch their Jetta model got my attention with the huge glossy 4-page print advert in The Hindu newspaper.

Taking interest in the current digital work happening in India, I decided to find out more about the #anything4jetta contest. I believe it could have done better in terms of targeting the core audience and managing the costs well. Following are the reasons why I think this campaign has not been thought through and implemented very well online.

Twitter page, VW India website and Campaign microsite

The VW India Twitter page background could have done a bit more than just adding a nicely done tweet dialogue boxes. Considering the #anything4jetta challenge is not an easy one to understand for first-time users and even the current Twitter users, the background could have been used to share details on ‘How to Participate’ on the left side of the background. The rest of the background could have carried on with the tweet dialogue box look and feel.

When I landed on the twitter page, I read a few tweets and then I was completely clueless, in fact, was left unaware or uneducated about what I am supposed to do and how to tweet for this particular #anything4jetta contest.

I clicked on the main website in the Twitter page info section and landed on the VW India site, hoping to be taken to the Jetta page regarding the contest. Instead, I land on the homepage with a poor slideshow and had to wait for Jetta promo unit to show up so that I can click on it and find out more. The Jetta page does not even mention the Twitter challenge and neither does any promo unit on the homepage. Considering it is gaining nationwide attention and is driving users online to engage, it makes sense to promote the campaign on official brand website directing users to the microsite.

I then read the greyed out Twitter description and found my way to the campaign microsite. A decent site but the page loader messaging is very random. It gives random hints/guidance on the campaign but a first-time user is left confused because until I don’t reach the ‘How to Participate’ section, I won’t understand some messages that I am meant to according to VW India.

Being solely Twitter focused, the site does not prompt me to use my Twitter account to sign-in and get a better experience on the website. I explore the pages and see a Twitter call-to-action on the site and use it after I have finished exploring more than half of the site.

I really like the Tweets page ( It lets the user use the  Twitter functionality on the site itself.


What is not cool at all is the way VW India is using their Facebook page. They have 28,000+ fans and the last post I saw was on becoming a fan of the Facebook page going to the people who are already a fan! LAME!!

Facebook tab gives information on ‘How to participate’ but does not reveal enough on the points criteria which helps the user understand the challenge better and take part in it the way they are supposed to.

Low Engagement

A quick look at the campaign stats on an infographic I found on twitter shows 17,249 tweets and 2,615 Unique Users. A very low engagement level considering the amount of money VW India has spent to reach the audience. Perhaps there should have been more focus on the target audience rather than going for a total mass appeal on national newspapers. I don’t believe this campaign is for ‘everyone’ to get involved with.

Having 28,959 fans on Facebook and only 3,945 followers + a push on online banners and national press there should have been higher engagement.


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