QR Codes – Why don’t people just ‘GET IT’??!!

A really frustrating title for this blog post. Well yes! How can marketers place a QR code on a rolling outdoor billboard? I spotted one this morning on the movie ‘Limitless’ by HMV. The poster tells me to ‘Scan the QR code and see how NZT could change your life’. Ok, so I want to. By the time I pull out my phone and load the application, the poster has disappeared and the next one is up. I’m still there and waiting for the poster to rotate back to Limitless one.

This time, I try to scan it and my Orange network connection is not that great and it fails to load it up. Well guess why, coz the poster has disappeared again.

Why don’t some people just get that QR codes are not ideal for such mediums. I have also seen some on Underground Tube Stations WOW! Whoever thought people will be able to scan at at Underground Station in London must really return their client’s money since there is no engagement happening with the QR code at Underground Station with no networks. Moreover, I have seen a few on posters by the Escalator – How can I scan while I am on the escalator??

I hope we see better examples on QR codes. They are pretty simple fun to use and can bring some value for certain brands instantly. Creatives must think through before whacking it on all platforms and remember where the creative will be put up.


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