Facebook Navi: The “world’s first official navigation service” for Facebook in Japan

Launched in Japan, Facebook Navi is the world’s first official navigation service which educates the Japanese users with various services offered by Facebook, its applications and Pages.

Facebook Navi provides details on “What is Facebook”, “Facebook user manual”, “Editors’ choice of Japanese Facebook pages” and “Editors’ choice of Facebook Apps”.

It is apparently authorised by Facebook but is managed All About, Inc., a company managed by Yahoo!

Japan also has a Twitter navigation service called Twinavi which gives account recommendations and services provided by Twitter.

These Navi websites may be useful to Japan and in my opinion must be launched for other countries as well. Booming markets like China and India need such platforms to not only educate their agency staff but also their clients on various opportunities available on leading social networks like Facebook and Twitter to engage customers.

Facebook and Twitter have millions of users registered worldwide and are constantly adding more to their service portfolio. There are plenty of services available and it will be very helpful to know how brands bring the best of both leading social networks to engage their customers online and provide useful services via Facebook & Twitter.

On the other hand, music related social networks like MySpace will also benefit a lot from such a navigation service, specially in respect to the new bands trying hard to get noticed.

Wonder if someone will take the pain to launch it for emerging markets. The digital industry really needs such tools to educate their clients and will save a lot of time on their part to prepare millions of examples and theories explaining to clients what can be achieved on what platform.


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