Diesel Island: Awesome campaign!

The current campaign by Diesel called Diesel Island: Land of the Stupid & Home of the Brave is one of my favourite integrated ad campaigns so far. I believe after the success of their ‘Be Stupid’ campaign, Diesel wanted to create something exciting, after all the ‘Be Stupid’ campaign re-defined their positioning in the market.

I like the way Diesel continued to use the ‘Be Stupid’ tone of voice and communicate with their target buyers just in the right tone of voice using slangs and giving youngsters an opportunity to create their own country online. I mean, how many times have we heard each other say ‘How fucked up is this?’ ‘How come people are so fucked up, if I was the president I would blah! Blah! Blah!’ – Diesel heard it and bang! gave an opportunity to everyone to BE STUPID on DIESEL ISLAND and create their own rules, laws and invite their friends on to their pad on the virtual island.

The entire Diesel Island campaign has been thought through pretty well. The TV spots had beautiful shots and are catchy & inviting people to connect with it. The same old print, outdoor etc is also done well. What I like the best besides the online work is their in-store and event based side to the campaign.

Diesel stores became the official ‘embassies’ of the island with flags. I myself signed up to the Diesel Island online and grabbed my passport from the Diesel store at Selfridges. The passport is fucking awesome!! I love it so so so so much! Though, they could have put a little more effort into it and added my picture to it which it grabbed from my Facebook profile on its website which uses Facebook Connect. Anyways, this passport allows me to take part in Diesel Island sponsored events by Diesel at various places in the city. This adds exclusivity to the whole scene of being part of an Island and how I can use that to be rewarded offline. I really like it!!

On the social media front, a high-five to Diesel guys for coming up with a really cool idea of using the whole ‘President’ scenario on the island. So once you participate on creating rules, applying for visa etc on the island and many more various things related to the island, you are eligible to become president for one day. Being a president, you take over the brands i.e. Diesel Island twitter page and whatever you tweet called ‘Presidential Tweets’ are tweeted on Diesel Island’s official twitter page and also on the Diesel Island Facebook fan page tab.

The Facebook fan page tab is pretty personalised. It displays the picture of the ‘President of the Day’ and also shows the latest ‘Presidential Tweet’. There is also a widget at the bottom showing the latest laws being proposed by the citizens of the Diesel Island. Users can like the laws proposed J

I became the President for a day and really enjoyed tweeting on the Diesel Island site. I am a little surprised as to why the island is not over subscribed by citizens. Perhaps, all the net savvy users signed up and checked it out and only a few continued to the presidential level. I am still looking on figures of the campaign online.

Besides participation in Diesel Islands offline and also rewards like ‘free delivery’ for shopping online, Diesel could have come up with a stronger reason or a better reward for users to sign up online. For example, offering customised presidential t-shirts and stuff like that. If I can create my own rules on the island, then I should be allowed to create my own bloody t-shirt that I would love to wear on that island J I hope Diesel will build up this campaign further and introduce more exciting features.

Amazing work, awesome campaign and beautiful visuals – an overall awesome campaign by global ad agency SANTO.


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