Moby’s microsite mash-up with SoundCloud and Instagram

Moby has launched an awesome microsite for his latest album titled ‘Destroyed’. It is pretty simple and that’s what makes it so cool.

The site uses SoundCloud’s audio platform and visitors can listen to the entire album on site. The sound quality is really good and the songs load instantly.

It also shows beautiful images from Instagram users across the world. Moby apparently penned down the songs at 2am and was going around the world doing this. Instagram, the hot pic app on the block, is being promoted by attracting its users to upload pictures of their city at 2am. So far the site has received a good response from US andEurope. I have not seen any uploads from Africa and very few fromAsia. I believe it is to do with the availability of the app on the iTunes app store.

The only issue is that it doesn’t allow users who don’t have Instagram to participate in the idea of uploading beautiful pictures taken at 2am.

I really like the footer on the site, it is self explanatory and the fonts are so simple, they don’t take too much space and don’t appear to be screaming on the site for attention.


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