Bing mobile banner ad review

ZOMG! Got really excited to see this video banner on the engadget mobile website yesterday. Actually, since it is the first video banner I’ve seen lately.

The video was pretty short and the quality was okay, not very good. I suppose that is the result of the tiny space allocated to the video and the size of the banner altogether. Never mind, I decided to explore the banner further and clicked on ‘Try Bing’. I landed on a mobile site offering deals at ‘Bar and Pub’ and ‘Restaurant’.

Interested in both the offers, I clicked on both the buttons and landed on an error page. Funny – Both the error pages had ‘bar’ and ‘restaurant’ in the search tab and showed the result ‘That web page doesn’t exist’. Fail!

This banner ad must have appeared on a lot of mobile sites considering Bing is trying to engage users online. It’s not cool to see that one hand you have a cool banner with a video and you are capable to get users attention and then when you get it, your page fails to load multiple times. Besides that, the message in the video banner had nothing to do with deals, all it said was about discovering Bing on the go. It could have mentioned something like ‘Bing brings deals on the go’ or ‘Try Bing to find deals in your city, etc’.

I am using my iPod all the more these days to check out mobile sites, checking my emails, etc and I hope to continue to share more such reviews.


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