Scream 4 mobile banner ad review

Recently I logged out of the Yahoo! Mail and noticed a banner ad for Scream4.

Well the banner ad is pretty neat; there is just one strip with a simple call-to-action – Expand!

Got it, clicked on it and then I had an option to do more. So I decided to view the trailer, which went on pretty smoothly, a video popped up and it was fine.

But, to be fair, being a sucker for Facebook, I was more keen to see what happens when I click on Facebook. I did and was pretty disappointed to see that all it did was loaded the fan page with a blank tab. Fail! Issue: Content on the tab has compatibility issues and all the user gets is a blank page.

I quickly took a screenshot and decided to check the Facebook tab later and was not happy to see that blank tab which appeared is called Scream4 Soundtrack and all it has a YouTube preview video for the soundtrack.

I feel that I’ve already seen the trailer; I have heard some sort of sounds from the movie in the trailer and now I want to move on to find out where the movie is playing rather than immediately buy the soundtrack.I think that is more relevant unless it is a recent music album release and the first call-to-action instead of the trailer is a popular music video. Then, the soundtrack move sounds better to fit in a list of other songs from the album users can hear and then decide to get the album off iTunes.

Scream 4 promoters must have spent millions to get this spot and could have got a better return if that Facebook link would have linked to a tab showing movie timings. Which, again I believe crops up several location based issues since you have millions interacting with the ad from various locations. This can however be tackled, if the ad is location targeted.

To conclude in context of what is achievable , the second call-to-action could have either simply asked the user to like the page on Facebook or invited them to a mobile microsite to enter to win a ticket, soundtrack or merchandise. Movie rewards are always cool for movie buffs and bring a good rate of interaction and I believe is much better than taking users to a platform which is not yet ready for an enhanced mobile experience any given day!


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