‘World Aids Day’ and Social Media

Celebrities have come forward with their Social Media profiles “DEAD” in the name of ‘World Aids Day’.

‘Keep a child alive’ have launched a brilliant site called ‘Digital Death’ wherein artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys and The Kardashian’s pose dead after declaring their social media profiles dead till the world helps them raise a $1 millionvia the website.

Viewers can see the celebrities’ sacrifice in ‘Who’s dead’ section where they briefly share their last tweet and a video testament. A figure is displayed on the coffin background showing the amount the celebrity has raised.

The campaign runs on the word ‘Buy life’ where users can donate to KCA organisation online. The website is simple to use and a good effort to get the message across.

Location-based giant Foursquare has also taken an initiative. They’ve launched a special badge. Foursquare users can check into Apple, Gap and Niketown stores, who are supporting the cause, to get the badge. Although Foursquare also claim that users can check-in to any location and get the badge by shouting “#turnred” on Foursquare.I tried but seems like they’re having an issue, anyways check out the pic of the badge, hoping to get mine soon đŸ™‚


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