Absolut Spike Lee

Absolut is one brand out there unleashing absolute creativity out there. Their Facebook fan page with a strong base of 502,190 fans is in for a fantastic experience with the customized fan page tabs.

Their latest tab, BROOKLYN, is a clever imitative involving Spike Lee and promoting Brooklyn to ‘all a ya’all!’

The viewers are engaged instantly with an impressive limited edition bottle & a chance to explore it further. Upon clicking, the bottle digs up some hot-spots & gives you a sneak peak into the exciting side of Spike Lee’s Brooklyn lifestyle.

Moving on, it offers more engaging content like videos from YouTube, tweets and blog posts. The tab also involves Flickr cleverly.

Although we all might complain that there’s too much copy there but hey, fans of Spike Lee don’t think like that..they are probably loving reading every bit of it.

Further, it gives you an excuse to party! You can create some ‘limited edition’ cocktails and have a Brooklyn Stoop Party..where ever in the world you are!

Check out the tab on Absolut’s Facebook fan page.


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